Leisure Shockproof Case II - Z Flip 3

Leisure Shockproof Case II - Z Flip 3

Leisure Shockproof Case II - Z Flip 3

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The Leisure Shockproof Case ™ Can save your phone and money.
Save up to 400$ by protecting your Phone from accidents.

Slim Design & Bare Metal Feel:
Simple design style, thin as a feather. Win with "Thin", Win with "Light".
⚖️ Weight: 20g     🔍Thickness: 2mm
Bracket Function: The case comes with a high quality ring stand that can be used to hold your phone in landscape position.  Stand up the angle anytime, anywhere and enjoy watching your favorite series .
Give your phone the best possible protection:  High quality materials, precision cutting and attention to detail ensure this case will give you long lasting protection.
The Leisure Shockproof Case is designed to protect your phone from bumps, scratches and drops while maintaining its stylish look. The case is made out of a special material that is both shockproof and matte, so your phone won't attract fingerprints. The Matte surface gives you a firm grip on your phone, ensuring you will never drop it!
The perfect way to protect your phone!

With a camera bump protection and ergonomic design, you can have peace of mind that your phone will be in good hands. 

This is your everyday case that protects against all of life's accidents.

With exact cut outs for ports and buttons, you can be sure that your phone is safe from all angles. The Leisure Shockproof Case features a sleek, modern design that protects your phone and compliments your style.

We will give you a different experience .

 Our innovative new case makes your phone look and feel like a high tech gadget. The sleek design allows for easy access to all buttons and ports.

No matter the color of your phone, you will find what will go with among the following variants : 

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