Built-in Airbag Metal Frame Case

Built-in Airbag Metal Frame Case

Built-in Airbag Metal Frame Case

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Built-in Airbag Metal Frame Case™ Can save your phone and money.
Save up to 400$ by protecting your Phone from accidents.
Looking for a way to protect your phone without compromising on style?
Protect your phone with a stylish metal frame case. This case is specially designed to protect your phone from scuffs and scratches with a slim and sturdy construction.

    The four-corner built-in airbags protect your phone from all directions.
    The frame is made of metal, which is not only lightweight but also durable.

    Minimalist design, the back of the phone is not thick, not easy to scratch the phone. 

    The design of the case incorporates a metal frame that wraps around the edges and ensures that the case helps the phone cool down .

    Fit Perfectly: Precise cutouts fit all buttons, ports and most cables.

    The metal frame case combines with the four-corner built-in airbags to provide the best protection for your phone.

    The case is designed to protect your phone from scratches, knocks and drops to give your phone maximum protection.

    The four-corner built-in airbags act like cushions to prevent your phone from falling and to ensure that the phone is in a comfortable position for use.

    The Metal Frame Case is a simple but elegant metal case that will fit your phone perfectly. It's made from high quality, durable metal that will last you for ages.