Business Alcantara Case - Z Fold series

Business Alcantara Case - Z Fold series

Business Alcantara Case - Z Fold series

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The Business Alcantara Case™ Can save your phone and money.
Save up to 400$ by protecting your Phone from accidents.

Looking for a way to protect your phone without compromising on style?
Protect your phone with a stylish Melusis™ case. Our cases are specially designed to protect your phone from scuffs and scratches with a slim and sturdy construction.

Slim Design & Bare Metal Feel:

Simple design style, thin as a feather. Win with "Thin", Win with "Light".

⚖️ Weight: 8g     🔍Thickness: 0.9mm

Alcantara Material :

 Alcantara is the brand name of a common synthetic textile material. It has a soft, suede-like microfiber pile and is noted for it's durabilty.

Our Business Alcantara Case is easy to use.
Wherever you go, your phone will always be within easy reach.
This case is made of high-quality materials, giving it a luxurious look and feel.

Same Material As Sports Car:

This case is made from the same material as sports cars, and can protect your iPhone from knocks, dust, dirt and other items that can damage your phone. The Business Alcantara Case  also has a raised edge around the screen which will keep the screen from coming into contact with any flat surfaces if the phone is placed face down.

Business Style: With this Business Alcantara Case for your iPhone , you will look stylish and professional, as well as keeping your phone safe from scratches.

Fully Wrapped Design: The case is wrapped around and fully protects the buttons on the sides of the phone. The case will keep your phone safe from scratches and falls.

10ft Drop Protection

With an all new internal shock absorption bumper, as well as a full 360 degree exterior bumper, Business Alcantara Case™ is now equipped to protect against drops up to 10ft, keeping your Phone safe from unexpected tumbles.

Minimalist design, the back of the phone is not thick, not easy to scratch the phone.

The perfect way to protect your phone!

With a camera bump protection and ergonomic design, you can have peace of mind that your phone will be in good hands.

This stylish case is crafted from AlCantara and is finished with an elegance touch, giving it an understated look that's perfect for everyday use. 

Made for Z Fold 3 & 4: 

Designed from the start for the all new Z Fold 4. Perfect fit & great protection. Available for Z Fold 3 & 4.  Available in Absolute Black & Jungle Green.

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