Elegance Magnetic Kickstand Case - Z Flip 3

Elegance Magnetic Kickstand Case - Z Flip 3


Elegance Magnetic Kickstand Case - Z Flip 3

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The Magnetic Kickstand Leather Case™ Forget about the other cheap knock-offs. We’ve tested them all and found this one to be the best.
Save up to 400$ by protecting your Phone from accidents.

You have already been in a situation where you wished your phone had a kickstand. It’s so frustrating when you want to watch a video or read an article and can’t because your phone is flat on the table. This magnetic kickstand case will solve that problem for good! You can now enjoy watching videos, reading articles, playing games and more with ease. The best part about it is that it won’t add any bulk to your device at all! 

Slim Design & Bare Metal Feel:

Simple design style, thin as a feather. Win with "Thin", Win with "Light".

⚖️ Weight: 15g     🔍Thickness: 0.9mm

This Case is made of high quality materials and it’s designed specifically for your Z Flip device so you don’t have to worry about it being too bulky or not fitting correctly. The magnetic closure keeps your screen safe from scratches when you close the cover and also doubles as a stand.


Lens Protection: In addition, the camera is fully protected from scratches and scuffs too!
It is super light and thin. There is no need to worry about the extra weight of the case.

Intimate Protection : While closely fitting the mobile phone, it does not affect the folding use of you Z Flip.

New Fashion/Open Your New Window:

The front screen has been expanded to be convenient when using it. Use it as it is without any jamming.

Leading The Fashion Trend:

Let us discover more beautiful things together.Both the feel and appearance are very fashionable.